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The Shani Dev Puja is dedicated to Lord Shani who is the most powerful of all Navagrahas. It helps to keep away all the misfortunes, reduces mental stress and induces optimism. In Shani Dev Puja and Katha black flowers, black sesame seeds (til), black clothes and horse bean (black urad) are used for worship. During this ritual, a special idol of Lord Shani made of iron is worshipped and is finally donated. On Saturday worshippers feed ants with whole wheat flour and get the blessing of ShaniDevta. In the planetary system, Saturn planet or Shani is the seventh planet. As per astrology, if the planet Saturn is placed in the right house in the birth chart of an individual then the person lives a long life, is confident, calm by nature, clever, observant, organised, skilful & an excellent administrator. But on the other hand, if it is not placed in the correct house in the birth chart of that person he experiences difficulties, delays disputes in every walk of life. Performing Lord Shani Puja on Saturdays enhances the beneficial influences of Shani (Saturn). - One who observes this Vrat& Katha get relief from malefic effects of Shani (Saturn). - Shanivar Fast is also performed in order to get success, wealth, health and prosperity. - Worshippers who observe ShanivarVrat Katha get the blessings of Shani Dev. - It provides protection from negative energies & malefic effects of planet Saturn. - It also provides confidence and mental & physical strength. - Worshippers of Lord Shani get the courage to overcome all difficulties. - You can also worship Shani Dev for justice & correct judgement.

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Kapil Sharma Brijwasi
  • Uttar Pardesh, India

Kapil Sharma Brijwasi is a renowned astrologer in Brij dham. He has an experience of more than 10 years in Vedic astrology. H ...

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