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Refund Policy


(I) POLICY OF REFUND ON ALL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS OTHER THAN EXCLUSIVE VIP SERVICES: No refund will be processed if the information or data provided by user is incorrect, inadequate or inaccurate and not updated. The responsibility lies with the user to accurately provide his/her information and to re-check the same before submitting. The customer can request for updating the information provided inaccurate by mistake within one hour of execution of service. No refund shall be processed if any user places order in careless and hasty manner regarding the order of reports under any circumstances once the order has been processed. No refund shall be processed once the order has been placed and executed. If the user wants to cancel a successfully placed order before final execution, user has to contact the customer care where it will be on discretion of the website that whether the refund has to be initiated or not. If any technical glitch or delay has been noticed on the website while processing any service including system generated reports by the service provider, it shall not make an eligible case for claiming refund for the fact that user agrees for the timelines to be approximate. No refund shall be initiated for returning the delivery of any product found damaged post delivery as the user is fully responsible for the damage caused to the product after delivery of the product. Refund on pro-rata basis may be considered for any delay in the activation of the subscription services and any damage that may be caused to the product while in transit shall be dealt by the Website and its agencies. User should understand that the product shown on the site is just for reference purpose only and we will try to deliver the product in same condition. But merely not satisfying the above criteria on minor discrepancies shall not make website eligible for refund. For talk to astrologer service the user is responsible for the network connectivity of his/her region. No refund shall be initiated for any disconnection in such call. The website shall not be deemed liable for refund request of any such customer who claims that the predictions made by the astrologer are not correct as these predictions are based on probabilities and Astrotap.in does not take any responsibility of the accuracy of predictions. If the website or the payment gateway is facing any intermittent server issue, then in that case the user should confirm that his/her Bank account has been debited or not before initiation of another payment. If the user’s bank account has been debited, then user should ensure that another payment should not be initiated and user should contact the customer care immediately thereafter. The products and services offered by Astrotap.in are not meant to replace any philosophical, medical or emotional treatment as these are only offered as a service not as any substitute. The Website holds no responsibility or liability about the reality or reliability of the astrological effects on the human physiology, by the gems represented and sold on the website. On ordering, the customer assumes full responsibility upon this matter. Hence, no refunds will be issued on this ground. All refunds will be made after deducting the transaction charges levied by the bank and / or the payment gateway, or any other charges that may have been borne by Astrotap.in in processing and / or delivering the service, as applicable. In case of double payment made by mistake against the single order, one payment will be refunded only when the customer has requested the refund through provided e-mail id. If there are orders that the Website is unable to accept and must cancel, the Website at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. If the User’s order is cancelled after charges being paid against the said service, the said amount paid for booking shall be refunded.


No refund will be done by the company/platform in the customer wallet (astrotap wallet). All the refunds requested by the customer through said proper channel in Exclusive VIP Services will be done by the company/platform directly to the provided refund bank account by the customer from company bank account. Customer is solely responsible and liable for any kind of discrepancies while furnishing the Refund bank account details at the time of Exclusive VIP services purchased/booked. Astrotap/company will not entertain any request by customer to change refund bank account details after submission of refund bank account details form while purchasing the service. Customer is solely responsible for any kind of refund bank account dormancy/inactive/closed or any other kind of bank side glitch. In case of Exclusive VIP Services, refund will be initiated by the company/platform only when the customer has requested the refund through Refund tab/button provided on the platform within 72 hours of the Exclusive VIP service purchased/booked by the customer. For any kind of delay for requesting the refund through above said proper channel, customer is solely responsible and liable for not requesting the refund within 72 hours of service purchased. After, 72 hours no request for refund will be entertained by the company/platform in any manner at any situation. Customer can request the refund only after the completion of 30 min call session in two ways: (1) Customer can request the refund directly after completion of 30 min call session or have the option to choose two additional services available after 30 min call session: (a) 05 min doubt session (b) 15 add-on time for consultation. (2) If Customer chooses the option (a) 05 min doubt session then after 05 min doubt session customer can also request the refund. If customer chooses the option (b) 15 min add-on time for consultation then no refund will be done by the company/platform. Clearly, customer has to claim refund either directly after completion of 30 min call session or after completion of 05 min doubt session only. No refund will be entertained after choosing the add-on 15 min time for consultation. For any kind of technological glitches, server failure, website failure, human error during requesting the refund by the customer, company/platform is not responsible/liable and in that case no refund will be entertained after 72 hours of the Exclusive VIP services purchased/booked. The refund if any will be processed after deducting all the charges levied by website for the premium services i.e 12.5% of the service amount will be deducted and remaining 87.5% will be processed directly to the customer’s bank account provided by him through form while purchasing the service within seven bank working days. The refund will be processed after proper consultation and conversation with the customer in which he has to tell the suitable reason for asking refund.

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