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Pricing Policy

Pricing has been customized depending on the services provided by ASTROTAP. The Prices will be available in public domain before availing the services rendered that may vary accordingly. Customer is purchasing/booking any type of services offered by AstroTap with full consent after thorough reading and understanding of Pricing Policy and the same is accepted by the user at the time of SIGNUP on www.astrotap.in platform Such services which are available for specific fixed time will be clearly mentioned within its description that may vary on certain occasions. We at AstroTap will try our best to provide the best of services in the market at cost that is very much affordable relating to the quality of our services with great sense of professionalism combined with market expertise and features that we provide. Prices don’t vary with markets needs and others competitors pricing. We at AstroTap respect our customers, so we are providing best available services at affordable Prices.


Any of the services purchased/booked on www.astrotap.in by the customer will be considered as sale agreement between customer and AstroTap. AstroTap Doesn’t offer sale adjustment on almost all of our services which means if user has purchased/Booked a service on a specific date for particular time and date and after some days price of that service has been reduced, In that case AstroTap is Unable to adjust the sale agreement and you have to place a fresh order. But, only at AstroTap we will offer you a modification only in time slot purchased only in case of Exclusive VIP services that will safeguard the customer interest against any uneven circumstances encountered by you. For more details, refer Refund and Cancellation Policy.


At AstroTap, we will try our best to ensure that pricing accuracy is maintained. But despite that, in technological or human circumstances pricing error may still occur. In that case, if price of any service mismatches from the price offered/displayed on that particular service, we will reserve the right to cancel the order with or without notifying the customers for the said matter. We at AstroTap provide our services for sale on behalf of STARBROS PRIVATE LIMITED for your needs and necessity. Hence, AstroTap as well as StarBros Private Limited Reserves the right to cancel the order and refusal of sale of service to any such person/Entity/firm/company who may be misusing our services according to our belief without any kind of prior notice or notification to the above mentioned customer.

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